Edison Peña appeared on the ‘Late Show,’ where he talked to David Letterman with the aid of an interpreter. Letterman asked Edison about surviving the mine collapse. Dave mentioned the use of music; he had heard that the miners sang as a group to keep their spirits up.

In response to this, Peña said he preferred to sing alone. But then, the miner showed that he wasn’t so shy about performing — even though he was in front of a huge audience.

Up until this point, the interview had been pretty laid-back … Then Edison started singing the Elvis Presley song ‘Suspicious Minds.’ Peña is a huge Elvis fan, and will be visiting Graceland during his tour of the United States. So when Paul Shaffer kicked in with the music, Edison was suddenly overcome. He stood up and began “shaking it” to the beat. Even his interpreter started grooving in the background!

(Source: TVSquad.com and CBS-TV)

Rescued Chilean Miner Performs on Letterman

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