Robert Pattinson’s Cosmopolis press tour continued on Wednesday with an early-morning stop at “Good Morning America.”

“GMA” anchor George Stephanopoulos, referencing “The Daily Show” interview in which Jon Stewart gave Pattinson ice cream, then handed the star his favorite breakfast cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, as a way for him to open up.

Stephanopoulos said he had to get “the elephant in the room” out of the way, and asked Pattinson, “How are you doing” and “what do you want your fans to know about what’s going on in your personal life?”

But Pattinson remained mum.

He said, “I like my fans to know… to know that Cinnamon Toast Crunch has only 30 calories a bowl.”

Pattinson avoided the Kristen Stewart situation, as Gossip Cop had previously reported he would.

The Cosmopolis star simply explained, “You go into it to do movies. I’ve never been interested in trying to sell my personal life.”

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When Stephanopoulos asked if he’ll ever get used to the intense media scrutiny, Pattinson replied, “If you start getting used to it, it means you’re going crazy.”

For the most part, though, Pattinson stuck to talking Cosmopolis and his character.

He also discussed how maybe the paparazzi and tabloid should focus on the “interesting” personal lives of billionaires.

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Robert Pattinson: “I’ve Never Been Interested in Trying to Sell My Personal Life”

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