Rosie O’Donnell appeared on “Watch What Happens” on Thursday, and dished about whether she thinks Barbara Walters or Oprah is a better boss.

O’Donnell has, of course, had quite a bit of experience with both. As “The Rosie Show” appears on OWN, Oprah is her boss at the moment. Walters ran the show when O’Donnell was moderating “The View,” and everyone knows how that turned out.

Faced with the question, O’Donnell settled on Oprah. Host Andy Cohen pointed out that this was the right thing to say about one’s current boss. O’Donnell said Oprah was “much more used to being the boss of a lot of people” than Walters.

“Octogenarians should be revered in our society,” she said of Walters. “Honest to God, they should in every way. And young upstart forty-somethings shouldn’t yell at them if they can avoid it.”

Cohen asked if her and Walters were “okay.”

“We’re okay because we have the same publicist!” O’Donnell said.

(Source: Bravo)

Rosie O’Donnell: Oprah is a Better Boss than Barbara Walters

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