Rosie O’Donnell Returns to “The View”

Rosie O’Donnell returned to “The View” on Friday, and weighed in on the controversy surrounding Dylan Farrow’s resurrected allegations of molestation against her adoptive father Woody Allen.

The actress and comedian, who was ousted from the show after just one season in 2007, said, “I totally believe [Dylan].”

Noting that she herself suffered sexual abuse as a child, O’Donnell told the panel she did “not believe” speculation that Mia Farrow had brainwashed Dylan.

“I’m very good friends with Mia Farrow,” revealed the star, adding, “She’s the best mother I’ve ever seen.”

O’Donnell also claimed that Allen and Mia’s custody agreement shows that “there was cause to prosecute, but they thought would be too traumatic for the 7-year-old child.”

Barbara Walters again defended the director, saying Allen is a “good father.”

(Sources: ABC-TV and

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