Amid his discussion about the Boston Marathon bombing, Rush Limbaugh predictably devoted a portion of his commentary to how the media have reacted to attack. Critical of the race to not link the incident to Saudis, Muslims or al Qaeda, Limbaugh took issue with the speculation about a right-wing group potentially being involved.

“If you are a Muslim, and it turns out that a Muslim did bomb the Boston Marathon,” Limbaugh stated, “how do you feel? I daresay that if you are a Muslim, you can be pretty certain…that everybody in the media will circle the wagons, and say, ‘This is not because of Islam.’”

Limbaugh further posited that if Muslims — if the perpetrator turns out to be Muslim — will “in no way” be associated with the attack. He didn’t take issue with this particular point, noting that it’s fair, but pointed to the flip side of the equation. Conservatives — in the even that the perpetrator has a “real” or “imagined” connection to conservatives — can be sure that “everybody in the media will unite to denounce your whole group.”

The discrepancy between how the two groups would be treated is vast, Limbaugh insisted, commenting further on the tar-and-feather approach to conservatives. Indeed, the media are “hoping” to have the chance to do so.

To demonstrate his case, Limbaugh cued up a montage of clips of various news personalities noting officials’ stressing the Saudi man questioned is not officially a suspect or, in Megyn Kelly‘s case, pondering the role of racial profiling.

“There was a race in the media to make sure that nobody jumped to the gun and racially profiled,” Limbaugh asserted. “Nobody thinks this has anything to do with al Qaeda, nothing to do with Saudi Arabia, nothing to do with Muslims.”

…”While at the same time speculating that this has to be come right-wing group.”


Rush Limbaugh Attacks Media Over Boston Bombing

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