In response to allegations by Marianne Gingrich (to ABC News) that admitted adulterer Newt Gingirch asked her for an open marriage, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh rushed to his defense saying “Everybody has an angry ex-spouse!”

“Newt may weather this, because I don’t know how much of this is really unknown to people, and the divorce rate in the country is 50%!” the thrice divorced Limbaugh observed. “The angry ex-spouse is not something that’s unique in this culture, everybody has an angry ex-spouse — if they’ve been divorced! My only point is I have no idea how this is going to play out, I have no idea what the impact will be, I have no idea how many people will get mad at the media for this, I have no idea how many people are going to get mad at Marianne Gingrich, I have no clue!”


Rush Limbaugh Defends Newt Gingrich Against Ex-Wife Marianne

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