Rush Limbaugh found it more than a little amusing that President Obama name-checked him as one of the biggest roadblocks to Congress getting anything done. The president said in a CNN interview Friday morning that many Republicans privately want to work with Obama, but can’t because of pressure from Limbaugh and others. Limbaugh suggested Obama’s just deflecting from his own failures, charging that no one listens to the president anymore.

Limbaugh said, “I am the reason he can’t move his agenda forward, which is silly, because he’s getting everything he wants.” This is not the first time Obama has referred to conservative pundits as one of the biggest reasons for Congressional inaction, which led Limbaugh to call Obama a “broken record.”

Limbaugh threw out this theory for why Obama’s going so far as to blame him.

“I think that nobody’s listening to Obama anymore. I don’t think he commands nearly the attention or the interest that he does, and so what he’s doing is going back to the greatest hits… He recycled this idea that the Republicans are not cooperating with him because they’re afraid of what I’m going to say about them. The Republicans are not listening to me!”


Rush Limbaugh Fires Back at Obama

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