Rush Limbaugh began his radio show Monday morning by addressing the news that Cumulus Media, the second-biggest radio broadcaster in the country, plans to drop his show from its stations by the end of the year. Limbaugh assured his readers that “nothing is going to change” in terms of their ability to hear him every morning.

“There was another POLITICO story that ran last night on this program,” Limbaugh began, referring to Dylan Byers‘ report. “Someday, I am looking forward to detailing all of this for you,” Limbaugh continued, but for now he said he “must use proper business restraint.”

“Suffice it to say, nothing is going to happen that you will notice,” he reported. “Nothing is going to change. You will be able to get this radio program on as many, if not more radio stations down the road than it is on now.”

Much in the same way that Mediaite’s Noah Rothman laid out this morning why the host “is not going anywhere,” Limbaugh said this story amounts to nothing more than a “public business negotiation.”

“I just want to assure you,” Limbaugh concluded, “everything’s cool.”

Notably, Limbaugh couched his language with enough loopholes so that if that report that Cumulus is dropping his show turns out to be true, he could still be right that “you will be able to get this radio program” on as many stations as you can now. As for whether listeners will “notice” the change, if other stations end up picking up his show, listeners will still be able to hear it, but they may have to program a new station on their radio.


Rush Limbaugh Rejects Station Drop Rumors

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