On his syndicated radio show yesterday afternoon, conservative host Rush Limbaugh went after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for his collaboration with President Barack Obama in assisting the recovery and rebuilding effort after Hurricane Sandy ravaged much of the state’s coastal neighborhoods.

“New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has decided to play the role of a Greek Column today for President Obama,” Limbaugh said, accusing the governor of effectively aiding the president’s electoral chances. “Obama and Chris Christie will tour the Jersey shore. Who lives on the shoreline? That’s exactly right, the 1% live on the beach.”

Limbaugh then mentioned that neither Mayor Michael Bloomberg, nor NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo have requested a “joint photo-op” from or spoken of President Obama in the wake of the storm. Yet Christie, a Republican, spent a day with the president, Limbaugh notes.

“Christie’s the only Republican not just praising Obama,” he said. “Let’s just put it this way: Is it wrong for one man to love another man? But that man-love out there is isolated in the state of New Jersey.”

(Source: Mediaite.com)

Rush Limbaugh Slams Gov. Chris Christie

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