Rush Limbaugh’s life has already been the subject of many books, including a just-released biography by Zev Chafets. Now, though, the mega-famous radio host might get his very own biopic.

Deadline New York’s Mike Fleming reports that a script for a film called “The Rush Limbaugh Story” is in the works. Writer James Sclafani is basing the screenplay on an unauthorized biography of Limbaugh by journalist Paul Colford:

“Sclafani said the script he’s written is a close cousin to the Oliver Stone-directed George W. Bush feature W, in that he tries to get beneath the surface politics and controversies and down to the ambition and demons that drove Limbaugh’s success. The film will include contradictions that have gone against his radio diatribes, from the dubious 4-F draft status during Vietnam (unearthed in Colford’s book) to a get-tough stance against drug abusers that was contradicted by the revelation that he himself was addicted to prescription painkillers and got them illegally.”

Fleming also quotes Sclafani saying that the film will be “”Citizen Kane’ meets ‘Private Parts,’ where you have a man who always had trouble relating to people in the outside world, but does it effortlessly in the booth’.

Limbaugh is not involved in the project.


Rush Limbaugh: The Movie? Film In The Works

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