Holly Robinson Peete told an embarrassing story about her mother and a pair of “True Religion” jeans. But Sara Gilbert quickly got retribution for Peete’s mom with a photograph of Peete in the backstage make-up chair.

“I saw my mother one time bend over in a pair of True Religion jeans,” said Peete. “I saw a thong and the crack of her butt and I lost my religion.” Peete’s mother was in the audience.

Shortly after that, Gilbert announced that she had a photo to show the audience, which turned out to be Peete with a bit of thong and butt showing over the top of her jeans. Peete ran to her mom for a hug, and then to Gilbert to give her a spanking. Extra points for the leopard-skin print make-up chair.

(Source: CBS-TV and TVSquad.com)

Sara Gilbert Exposes Holly Robinson Peete

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