If Hillary Clinton ran for president, former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin would obviously not vote for her.

But she did sympathize with the former Secretary of State, and has some advice for any woman seeking the White House.

“She can expect that sexism, but you overcome it. You ignore it. You thicken your skin, you march forward with your agenda, your priorities, what you think is right,” Palin said in an interview with CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper.”

“Hillary Clinton was mistreated when it came to appearances, when it came to wardrobe – petty, superficial things that the men don’t ever seem to hear much about, but a woman candidate will,” she said.

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie’s weight often fuels comments about his appearance.

“That’s because it’s been extreme. So it’s hard for some people not to comment on it,” said Palin.

(Source: CNN)

Sarah Palin Calls Gov. Chris Christie’s Weight “Extreme”

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