With the finale of ‘The Bachelor’ set to air this coming Monday, Sarah Silverman has some strong words for current bachelor Brad Womack, referring to him as a “zero” on ‘The View.’

Elisabeth Hasselbeck grouses that Womack “make[s] up his own rules during the show” and fails to follow rose ceremony “protocol.” This inspires Silverman to weigh in with her own opinion on Womack and his relationship with Emily Maynard.

“I’m sorry, but Brad is such a zero. He doesn’t deserve Emily!” she said. “Emily is the first bachelorette that I’m dazzled by because she doesn’t look like she wants to be a celebrity. She’s just innocent.”

(Source: TVSquad.com and ABC-TV)

Sarah Silverman Calls ‘Bachelor’ Brad Womack a ‘Zero’

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