Robert Pattinson has confronted werewolves, rival vampires, even throngs of teenage ‘Twilight’ fans — and come out unscathed. But what really scares him, the actor told ‘Live With Regis and Kelly’ is the prospect of hosting ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Both Kelly Ripa and guest host Seth Meyers tried to convince Pattinson to give live comedy a shot, but he wouldn’t bite.

“It’s terrifying,” pleaded Pattinson. “It is scary,” replied Meyers. “But then it’s really worth it when you do it.” Pattinson further protested that he wasn’t funny, though Meyers was prepared for that, telling Pattinson that he’d been funny in a bit with Jimmy Fallon. Pattinson countered that he wasn’t trying to be funny. “That’s how it’s going to work,” replied Meyers.

Ripa also tried to assuage Pattinson’s fears, saying she had hosted and that Pattinson would be fantastic, though Pattinson seemed unconvinced. So don’t get your hopes up for an Edward and Gilly pairing anytime soon.

Seth Myers Co-Hosts ‘Regis and Kelly’

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