At the end of Fox Report on Thursday night, Shepard Smith announced his new role at the network, as reported by Mediaite today, as the managing editor of Fox News’ breaking news division. Smith will be staying in the 3 P.M. slot, but will be abdicating the 7 P.M. hour, and so he took the opportunity before going on a hiatus for shoulder surgery to

Smith emphasized the growing role of social media in how people consume the news, as social media intends to be a big part of his new “Breaking News Desk.” Smith told Mediaite earlier today that “we want to stop pretending people don’t exist in the social media world.”

Smith told viewers, “It’s the most exciting venture of my career.” He called it an “honor and a privilege” to be anchoring Fox Report, and credited all the great people who’ve worked with him on it for the last few years.

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Shep Smith Announces New Job at Fox News

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