Sherri Shepherd spoke out about a major faux paus that people make: confusing the identities of black women. She said that she gets confused with Star Jones.

Jones, of course, was a co-host on “The View” before Shepherd’s time. She exited the show in 2006, and has publicly feuded with Barbara Walters and sparred with Joy Behar.

Speaking to Wendy Williams on Friday, Shepherd recalled one occasion where she walked into a restaurant in Harlem and the DJ seemed to recognize her. She said he was excited at her appearance and began introducing the celebrity as “articulate,” “intelligent,” and “analytical” — only to announce, “Star Jones is in the house!”

She was also with Yvette Nicole Brown when someone asked Brown what working on “The Help” was like. The problem was that Brown, who stars in the NBC comedy “Community,” was not in the movie. Shepherd said Brown reacted graciously, but said, “Everyone confuses all of us.”

Luckily, Shepherd and Jones can discuss all of this when Jones appears on “The View” in February.


Sherri Shepherd Says People Confuse Her With Star Jones

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