Simon Cowell introduced his fiancee, Mezhgan Hussainy, to Jay Leno on ‘The Tonight Show’ Monday night.

Simon wouldn’t give any time frame for the wedding outside of “within the next ten years” and when Leno invited Mezhgan onto the stage Simon pretended not to know her. Then they kissed and she squeezed into into Simon’s chair with him.

Mezghan is also Simon’s makeup artist on ‘American Idol.’ “I always said if I was going to get engaged, I’d get engaged to a makeup artist,” Simon joked. Jay asked whether she gives him touch-ups in bed and he said, “At least three touch-ups a night.” Then Mezghan announced she was done with them and scurried off the stage.

About his plans for children, Simon said, “I’m kind of torn because I’m a bit too old to have kids but then I think it would be awesome to have a lot of mes running around.”

He also talks about missing Paula Abdul and leaving ‘Idol.’

(Source: and NBC-TV)

Simon Cowell Introduces Fiancee on Leno

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