Progressive radio personality Stephanie Miller has revealed she is a lesbian.

Miller, 48, publicly came out of the closet on her nationally syndicated show, “The Stephanie Miller Show,” on Friday.

An hour before she made the announcement, Miller wrote on her Twitter page, “There may be a lot of crying next hour,” and “Stick around for the next hour. Mama’s got something to tell you.”

Cheyl Wright, who also recently came out in May, was a guest on Miller’s show Friday. “You get a toaster oven for recruiting me,” joked Miller.

A former stand-up comedienne, Miller has always been vocally pro-gay, both on her show and in public. She grew up with two Republican parents, including her late father, attorney and congressman William Miller, who was Barry Goldwater’s running mate in the 1964 presidential election.


Stephanie Miller, Talk Show Host, Comes Out

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