Stephen Colbert took a break from his Comedy Central show on Tuesday to guest host ABC’s Good Morning America and performed a duet with country star Kenny Rogers while he was there.

“The fact that I’m going to sing a duet with Stephen Colbert just really wraps up my life,” the 74-year-old Rogers said before taking the microphone to sing his hit number one song “Islands in the Stream,” which he originally performed with Dolly Parton.

“Islands in the stream / That is what we are / No one in-between / How can we be wrong / Sail away with me to another world / And we rely on each other, ah-ah / From one lover to another, ah-ah.”

“What an honor to play Dolly Parton to your Kenny Rogers,” Colbert said after the a capella performance.

Rogers noted that he was disappointed that People Magazine had included Colbert in their “100 Sexy Men in One Minute” video online in 2011 and was also selected as one of the top sexy “men with glasses” in 2007. (He was also voted Maxim‘s 69th hottest woman in America in 2012, but that’s a different story.)

“You’re the sexiest grandpa,” Colbert replied. “Do you have grandchildren?”

“No, but I do have couple boys who are eight years old,” Rogers explained.

“You do?” Colbert exclaimed. “You got some lead in the pencil, man.”

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Stephen Colbert Sings With Kenny Rogers

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