As the ‘Today’ show hosts introduced Aerosmith, Tyler shouted to the cameras: “Good morning, America!” and was quickly rebuffed by Al Roker, who shouted “No, no, no! What’s your problem?” and joked with his fellow Today co-hosts that the band doesn’t even know which show they are on.

Later on in the broadcast, while Roker was delivering a weather forecast, Aerosmith finished up one of their live performances. All of the sudden, Tyler shouted out in the background: “Thanks for coming out, you crazy f*cks!”

Roker paused his weather delivery — “What did he just say?” — and finished up before coming back to camera and quipping that this is why Aerosmith has never before performed on morning television.

(Source: NBC News and

Steven Tyler Drops F-Bomb on ‘Today’ Show

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