Taylor Swift appears on “Katie” on Friday, and the pop star opens up about her love life being in the spotlight and how some of her famous exes feel about her music.

When asked by Katie Couric whether any of those past loves have called her up to complain about her very personal songs, Swift reveals, “Well, some of them like to write really long emails.”

The singer refrains from naming names, but shares a very telling reaction when Couric points out that John Mayer said Swift “humiliated” him with her song “Dear John.”

“Oh, come on,” she replies.

Couric also tells Swift that fans concluded her single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” is about her ex Jake Gyllenhaal because of a scarf she wears in the video — and she doesn’t exactly deny it.

“I don’t read anything about myself,” says Swift, “so I didn’t know that that was a thing that people figured out.”

Swift acknowledges, however, that even though she avoids reading tabloids, the media can still impact her relationships, especially the romantic ones.

“I don’t know how to have a normal relationship because I try to act normal and love from a normal place and live a normal life, but there is sort of an abnormal magnifying glass, like [a] telescope lens, on everything that happens between me and anybody else,” she explains.

Swift adds, “I don’t really know that much about love, it turns out.”


(Source: GossipCop.com)

Taylor Swift Tells Katie Couric: “I Don’t Really Know That Much About Love”

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