The View ladies — minus conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck — were clearly pleased with Hillary Clinton‘s performance during Wednesday’s congressional Benghazi hearings.

“The bitch is back!” exclaimed Whoopi Goldberg, echoing the glowing sentiments of a few of her co-hosts and an audience that wildly applauded after viewing footage of Clinton’s heated exchange with Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI).

“Amen!” shouted guest host Stacy London.

“Now I think I might vote for that woman if she ran for president,” said Sherri Shepherd.

Hasselbeck, however, took a critical tone, expressing her dissatisfaction with Clinton’s testimony: “You had senators like McCain who’s been in and out of politics and war and I think he felt as though his questions were not answered, that four lives were lost that could have been more protected over time. So I’m not cheering for Clinton at this point. We still don’t have information and, at that point, I’ll cheer when we get information.”

“We have never known what’s going on when something like this goes down,” Goldberg responded. “We always hear six or seven different stories before someone actually tells us the truth; sometimes it takes a couple of years. … We’re never going to know and some of the stuff, I have to tell you, I don’t want to know. I just want you to fix it because I don’t like what’s happening, you know.”

“I would vote for her,” Joy Behar said.

“I’m shocked, Joy,” Hasselbeck quipped. “No, [I wouldn’t].”

“She knew her stuff yesterday,” guest host Stacy London added. “I was impressed because they really grilled her and it did feel a little bit like they were going after her.”

“She was not playing with them,” agreed Goldberg, who added, after getting out of her chair, “I was waiting for her to go, ‘Say what? What did you say?’ because she was right up in it. She was just amazing.”

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‘The View’ Cheers on Hillary Clinton

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