Earlier in the week on ‘The View,’ Khloe Kardashian revealed she lost her virginity at 14-years-old and now regrets it. In this clip, mother Kris Jenner responds to Kardashian’s revelation and says she had no idea her daughter was having sex at such a young age.

“We knew that Khloe was seeing this guy and dating,” Jenner said, “and her dad and I went crazy, because that’s not something you want your 14-year-old [doing.]”

But, she and husband Bruce often had a difficult time controlling Kardashian, Jenner said, and they even discovered that Kardashian would sneak out to meet her boyfriend. And, Jenner went on, she had no idea Kardashian was having sex, nor did she have any understanding how it affected her until she read ‘Kardashian Konfidential,’ the new book penned by her daughters.

Mom Unaware Khloe Kardashian Lost Virginity at 14

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