With Elisabeth Hasselbeck off to Fox & Friends and Jenny McCarthy still on deck, the ladies of The View may be finding it increasingly easy to agree on a wide swath of issues. That was certainly the case Monday morning when the hosts took on Virginia GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli, who recently proposed outlawing consensual “sodomy” and oral sex, even between married, heterosexual couples. As Barbara Walters asked, “What happened to the slogan ‘Virgina Is For Lovers?’”

All four of The View‘s current co-hosts were clearly horrified by Cuccinelli’s proposal, with Whoopi Goldberg leading the charge. “First of all, how do I know that you haven’t indulged?” Goldberg said, to applause. “The second thing is: Why are you in my bedroom? Get out! Get out!” Speaking directly to the candidate, she declared, “Sir, you are not going to become governor you stay on this track. I’m gonna make sure your behind doesn’t become governor.”

When Walters pointed out that Cuccinelli “equates oral sex with homosexuality,” Sherri Shepherd replied, “Then I’m as a gay as a gay two dollar bill!”

But, of course, the best zingers came from Joy Behar, who first warned, “Michael Douglas better stay out of Virginia,” then summed up Cuccinelli’s position like this: “He wants the government on my back and my husband off of it.”

(Source: Mediaite.com and ABC-TV)

“The View” Slams Virginia’s Anti-Sodomy Law

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