Tina Fey appeared as the second guest on “Rock Center With Brian Williams” to chat with the Brian Williams to discuss the obvious similarities in their shows’ titles, and Fey’s harsh words about broadcast journalists.

“I want to be the first to say, that in naming this ‘Rock Center,’ it was our intention to get the viewers who were looking for Tina, for Alec, for Tracey…to come to us entirely mistaken,” Williams said.

“That’s not going to help you,” Fey laughed. She then told Williams that she actually wanted to name her own show “Rock Center,” but was not given permission to do so by building owners.

Fey also said she wanted to call the show “The Peacock,” named after NBC’s famous logo. In response, she was told by the higher-ups that the bird was a “very serious and important symbol of a big, strong, important network.” Therefore, her show could “not use it.”

Williams then confronted Fey for her opinion of television journalists. She wrote in her book Bossypants, that “Egomaniacs of average intelligence or less often end up in the field of TV journalism.”

“Hear me out!” Fey said. She said she was referring to “red carpet journalists” who, out of the blue, ask “What are you wearing? Are you going to have fun at the circus? Now, what do you think about that guy in Arizona who killed all those girls?”

Tina Fey Slams “Red Carpet Journalists” on ‘Rock Center With Brian Williams’

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