Michael Joseph Gross, author of the blistering Vanity Fair profile on Sarah Palin, says he wanted to write a positive piece, but was shocked by what he learned as he researched his story.

“The worst stuff isn’t even in there,” Gross said on “Morning Joe.” “I couldn’t believe these stories either when I first heard them, and I started this story with a prejudice in her favor. I have a lot in common with this woman. I’m a small-town person, I’m a Christian, I think that a lot of her criticisms of the media actually have something to them. And I think she got a bum ride, but everybody close to her tells the same story.”

In the profile, Gross paints Palin as an abusive, retaliatory figure with an extreme ability to lie.

“This is a person for whom there is no topic too small to lie about,” he said. “She lies about everything.”

(Source: HuffingtonPost.com and MSNBC)

Vanity Fair Writer Dishes About Sarah Palin

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  • wildlillie

    He is actually the one proven to be the lier. He writes about an incident with Trig in Kansas city. Turns out Trig wasn’t even there. He quotes a woman named Ivy Frye about Palins behavior. Ivy just came out saying she never spoke to this man and non of it is true. So the only conclusion is that Mr. Gross is the real lier, bent on nothing more than a hateful smear campaign.

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