Wanda Sykes said Mel Gibson is “puttin’ out tapes like Osama bin Laden.” She has a point. During her appearance on ‘The Tonight Show.’ Sykes commented on Gibson’s ranting voicemail messages and made a few jokes about her “white babies.”

Concerning Gibson, Sykes said, “Whoopi Goldberg, she was defending him, saying he’s been to her house. But she might want to check her house, see what he left behind there.”

“My friends, they can’t wait to hear my racist rant when I get drunk … It’s gonna happen,” she joked. “Mine will probably have a dash of Alec Baldwin.”

“[You] might not know I have white babies,” Sykes told the audience, joking about the fraternal twins she has with wife Alex. “Angelina and Madonna — they got all the black babies, so I just had to take what’s left.”

Wanda Sykes Talks Mel Gibson, Her “White Babies”

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