Whoopi Goldberg blasted Rep. Michele Bachmann for signing a “pro-marriage” pledge that claimed, among other things, that African American children were better off under slavery than they are today.

“I am starting to feel like there is some kind of racial thing going around,” Goldberg said Monday on ABC’s The View. “Now I realize that I’m not supposed to jump to that conclusion. I’m not supposed to automatically assume there’s something racial. But damn it, I am sick of this crap!”

“Could you people get your act together,” she continued. “You don’t know anything about how slaves raised their kids or why people were together. Just don’t add stuff like that if you don’t know what you’re talking about!”

As a part of the pledge, Bachmann promised to ban all forms of pornography and prostitution, abortion, same sex marriage, and Sharia law. Bachmann’s campaign said Saturday that she actually didn’t agree with the part of the pledge about slavery.

The Family Leader, the Iowa-based Christian group behind the pledge, has since removed the slavery language from the vow.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Whoopi’s conservative co-host, added that the pledge could be the final “nail in the coffin” for Bachmann’s presidential campaign.

(Source: ABC-TV and RawStory.com)

Whoopi Blasts Michele Bachmann Over Pro-Slavery Pledge

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