The ladies of “The View” discussed the latest woman to come forth with intense allegations against GOP candidate, Herman Cain, during the show’s Hot Topics segment.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked the hosts if they would trust a person in office who was not faithful to their spouse. When Goldberg said that she would, she used some racy language to support her response.

Goldberg started to say, “as long as you’re not —,” but the second half of the sentence was bleeped out by producers. Since HuffPost Media does not fall under the same FCC regulations as “The View,” we can report that Goldberg said, “as long as you’re not boning the country.”

The hosts continued to zestfully tackle the topic, with Hasselbeck posing another question for the table to consider. “Do you think you can have two loves?” she asked.

Goldberg jumped in with a rendition of Motown classic “Two Lovers,” complete with dancing.

Whoopi Bleeped For Sexual Herman Cain Comment

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