Rielle Hunter appeared on Tuesday’s “The View,” where Whoopi Goldberg and the other hosts seemed less than impressed with John Edwards’ former mistress-turned-girlfriend.

At one point, Hunter told the panel, “I’m not a big believer in infidelity,” an odd statement given the circumstances of her relationship with the onetime presidential candidate.

She explained, “I fell in love with him, which was a surprise to me, and I became that in order to be with him.”

Goldberg then brought up Hunter’s treatment of the late Elizabeth Edwards in her new memoir, “What Really Happened.”

“You trash a dead lady, whose husband you had an affair and a baby with, did it not occur to you that maybe that might not be the right tone to take?” asked Goldberg, calling it a “crappy thing to do.”

Hunter says she merely wanted to “tell the truth.”

Goldberg persisted, saying the whole thing makes Hunter “look bad… scheme-y… heartless.”

Edwards’ former flame then insisted she wanted to erase her public persona as a “home wrecker.”

Seemingly confused about how Hunter could not be considered a “home wrecker,” Goldberg put a fine point on it.

“You had unprotected sex with a married man, and had a baby, and then allowed people to pretend it wasn’t happening,” said the host. “You put an entire nation in a very awkward position, you have to see where people are coming from.”

(Source: ABC-TV and GossipCop.com)

Whoopi Goldberg and Barbara Walters Confront Rielle Hunter

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