Whoopi Goldberg was bleeped out for the second time this week in a heated discussion on Thursday’s “The View” about young girls getting bikini waxes.

All of the co-hosts of the show seemed outraged that the emerging trend of parents taking their daughters to get bikini waxes. Sherri Shepherd asked, “Why would you give your 12-year old a bikini wax? Why would you make her feel like it’s dirty and nasty, the hair that she has?”

Whoopi lay the blame squarely with parents in response — and she didn’t hold back expressing it. She started to say, “Cause the mothers feel that way. Women go and get brazilians, they get hot wax put in –” but producers bleeped out her next few words.

The rest of her sentence was “a-sholes” and what appeared to be the word “yanked.” She used a swooping arm motion to depict the act of applying the wax, and a yanking motion to depict removing a wax strip.

This is the second time that Goldberg has gotten bleeped in the past three days. On Tuesday, she said that she would trust a politician who was not faithful to their spouse “as long as you’re not boning the country.”

(Source: HuffingtonPost.com and ABC-TV)

Whoopi Goldberg Bleeped For Saying “A-Holes”

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