While introducing a story on Jesse Ventura’s plan to sue the TSA and Department of Homeland Security over invasive airport pat-downs and body scans, Whoopi Goldberg glimpsed a photo of the former Minnesota Governor and broke into hysterical laughter.

In fact, Goldberg was so distracted by the photo that she requires help from Joy Behar to finish the introduction. Elisabeth Hasselbeck is quick to get the segment back on track, however, by pointing out the apparent disparity between Ventura’s lawsuit and his former life as a shirtless, sweaty professional wrestler.

(Source: TVSquad.com and ABC-TV)

Whoopi Goldberg Has a Good Laugh at Jesse Ventura’s Expense

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  • Anastasya


    Jesse Ventura is a hero.

    She is laughing at him because he doesn’t want nazi thugs violating his civil rights?

    You want a control grid police state in America?

    Keep laughing.

  • hash_tagger

    I just sent her Twitter this:
    hash_tagger @whoopipgoldberg Congrats on reaching a new low over Ventura’s lawsuit. #distasteful
    Please RT if you are on Twitter and thanks.

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