On a recent ‘Good Morning America’ segment, Chris Brown was a little terse when asked questions about his relationship with former girlfriend Rihanna and the resulting restraining order. He wanted to focus on his new album, and he allegedly tore up his dressing room after the interview.

Whoopi Goldberg talked about the incident Tuesday on ‘The View’ and what was upsetting about it. “Something that is allegedly this violent, it seems to me, is going to be even more of a setback for him because it could mean jail time.”

But that wasn’t the most upsetting thing for Goldberg. No, the most upsetting thing for her was that Brown was wearing her shoes. “He’s wearing my clear, see-through shoes with the wings,” she said, propping her foot up on the table. She did not see it as a case of great minds thinking alike.

(Source: ABC-TV and TVSquad.com)

Whoopi Goldberg Upset About Chris Brown on ‘GMA’

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