Barbara Walters made her big return to “The View” on Monday, more than a month after being hospitalized for a concussion and chicken pox.

The TV veteran explained that her troubles actually began in early January, when she shared a friendly hug and kiss with a “well-known actor,” who later developed “a bad case of shingles.”


Walters said the contact with the unnamed celeb led to her chicken pox, but she suffered another blow — literally — when she fainted at a Washington D.C. party in late January, hitting her head on the marble floor.

Showing off a scar on her head, the 83-year-old said she was left “bloody and unconscious” from the fall, and later received six stitches.

And while Walters didn’t know about the pox until hospital doctors “amazingly” discovered it was the reason she fainted, the concussion she suffered turned out to be the more serious ailment, and kept her on bed rest.

“The only cure for concussion it seems was rest, and that’s what I’ve been doing for months,” said Walters. “The chicken pox came and went weeks ago… The head injury has taken longer.”

She stressed to her concerned co-hosts, “After a lot of scratching and rest, I am fine, and I am healthy.”

Walters ticked off some of the big names who sent her well-wishes, including President Obama, and teared up when Mayor Michael Bloomberg surprised her on stage with flowers.

“You make me cry!” she told him.

Barbara Walters Returns to ‘The View’

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