Following his fiery, contentious segment with Democratic congressman Keith Ellison, Sean Hannity decided “to take a closer look at the man who called me immoral and a liar.” Asserting hypocrisy, Hannity hit Ellison’s “radical connections,” linking him with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan.

“The reality is, the Congressman not only associated with these radicals, but he spent years spewing their hateful rhetoric,” Hannity said, alluding to the congressman’s time at the University of Minnesota. While Ellison “publicly admitted” to an 18-month association with the group to work on the Million Man March, Hannity charged that Ellison’s link to Farrakhan goes further. (Criticism of these associations arose during Ellison’s 2006 congressional campaign and he’s previously apologized for them.)

When asked to comment, Hannity said, Ellison “finally responded late tonight with an attack on yours truly.” In a statement, he said, “Americans deserve journalists who provide responsible, objective reporting. Instead, Sean Hannity is bringing up my religion and making personal attacks. This is sad. Can we get back to what’s best for the American people now?”

Panelist Michael Meyers, of the New York Civil Rights Coalition, said Ellison came on Hannity’s show to “defend the black messiah,” while Deneen Borelli deemed him a “left-wing radical.”

“What is the difference, I mean — do we have somebody then in Congress that is the equivalent of one side of what the Klan is?” Hannity asked. “Because I view the rabid rantings of Khalid Mohammed as frightening in terms of racism, anti-Semitism.”

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Sean Hannity Attacks Congressman Keith Ellison for Muslim Ties

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