Last November, Craig Ferguson had the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith, on the show. In his honor, they’d scripted a song to go with the theme music for ‘Doctor Who,’ and even worked up a dance number that they were going to open the show with.

As Ferguson explained tonight, “We couldn’t play it because we couldn’t get the music cleared in time. I found this out about three minutes before we went on air.” As such, the opening was a rant about how he couldn’t play his intended opening.

Since that time, the video of the ‘Who’ opening went viral online, encouraged and promoted by Ferguson himself.

The legal department behind his show took another two months to finally secure the rights. The good news for fans of ‘Doctor Who’ and Craig Ferguson is that we finally got to see it in HD. And Matt Smith makes a very, very brief cameo at the end. Oh, and if you’re expecting something with big production values and special effects … well, then you’ve obviously never seen ‘The Late Late Show’ before.

Craig Ferguson Broadcasts “Doctor Who” Opening

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