On ‘Late Night,’ Jim Carrey did an entire interview with Jimmy Fallon while running on a treadmill, except for one short moment when he had to take a potty break.

It was part of a conversation that oddly steered from talking about Carrey’s upcoming hosting gig on ‘Saturday Night Live’ into the realm of aging and how that affects a man’s ability to urinate cleanly. “There’s always a little extra,” he explained.

After mimicking urinating into a cup, Carrey asked Jimmy Fallon for a Kleenex. “You gotta dab it,” he explained, and then tried to get the audience to back him on this. “How many guys are dabbing at this point?” he asked to a modest response.

Fallon even made fun of him trying to pull the audience into his insanity. “Come on!” Carrey shouted, trying one more time. “Who’s lost control of their urethra!” We’re just impressed he wasn’t wheezing and out of breath by the end of it, no matter the state of his urethra.

Jim Carrey Runs on Treadmill During Interview

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