At first, Danny Devito was excited by the prospect of a doing a nude scene in ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.’ But, the realities of acting in the buff, such as a room full of actors and crew, and the need to physically “corral” his “monster” soon dampened his spirit, he said on ‘The View.’

“I go, ‘Oh yeah! This is going to be great,'” Devito said of his nude scene. “The thing is, you’re not just going to be there alone in the room with the camera people. There’s 50 people, like, background atmosphere, extras, you know, people in the room you’ve never seen before.”

And, Devito also complained that he had to wear an article of clothing over his genitals. “They don’t let you go with your ding-a-ling just swinging. No. You got to corral that monster,” he said. “You got to take that baby and you got to put some kind of sack on it.”

(Source: and ABC-TV)

Danny Devito Talks About His Nude Scene

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