Last week while David Letterman and the ‘Late Show’ were on vacation, he received online death threats from an radical jihadist group. When he returned this week, though, he didn’t let that slow him down at all. In fact, it gave him enough material to dominate the monologue and take over the Top 10.

“Tonight, you people are more … than an audience, tonight,” he said in an opening. “You’re more like a human shield.”

He went on to say that while the State Department is taking the threat very seriously, he’s far less concerned, indicating that he’s been threatened countless times before. He then went into the “Top 10 Thoughts That Went Through My Mind After Hearing About the Threat.”

In the Top 10 and when talking about it later, Letterman twice pointed the finger at his NBC rival. “They’re looking into it. They’re questioning, they’re interrogating, there’s an electronic trail, but everybody knows it’s Leno,” he joked.

(Source: and CBS)

David Letterman Jokes About Jihadist Death Threats

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