Kathie Lee Gifford reported on the lavish Kim Kardashian wedding Monday on ‘Today’ , along with E! chief news correspondent Ken Baker.”There were 450 guests, there were well over, I’d say, 50 celebrity types who were there, but it really felt like a family-oriented event, and somehow they made it feel intimate,” said Baker.

Gifford, who had what she called a “ringside seat,” said Kourtney Kardashian’s three-year-old son Mason stole the show as the ring bearer (it reportedly took him three tries to get to the altar).

The goody bags were also a hit, said Gifford, sorting through different colored O.P.I. nail lacquers with names like “Wel-Kim to the Family” and “Glowing To the Chapel.” “Remember the old days when you took a present to a wedding?” she said. “Now you get presents.” Kim Kardashian also wore three different Vera Wang dresses during the ceremonies, and Gifford said she couldn’t dance in any of them.

Kathie Lee Gives First-Hand Account of Kim Kardashian’s Wedding

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