Drew Pinsky suggested that Charlie Sheen should be committed on ‘Today’ by pointing out that the troubled actor’s behavior seems to warrant involuntary confinement.

After conferring with psychiatrists and watching Sheen’s Ustream broadcast from Monday, Pinsky recommends a 5150 psychiatric hold, which allows police to take individuals into custody for a 72-hour period if proven a danger to themselves and others.

“I’ve spoken to psychiatrists who have told me that if this were their patient, they’d put him on what’s called a 5150, an involuntary hold,” said Pinsky.

“He would benefit from hospitalization if somebody could get through to him,” Pinsky continued. “But part of the challenge of hypomanic patients is they don’t believe they have a problem. They believe you’re the problem. So, it’s very difficult to get them to cooperate.”

In a response to NBC’s Jeff Rossen, Sheen questioned experts who “don’t know him” and said they shouldn’t criticize a “jobless trailblazer” such as himself.

(Source: NBC-TV and TVSquad.com

Dr. Drew Suggests Charlie Sheen Should Be Committed

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