Ellen DeGeneres takes a moment to answer tweets from fans in a segment called “Twits & Ask” on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ (weekdays, syndicated).

One viewer wonders why DeGeneres said “there’s nothing worse than a fat cokehead” in the final moments of yesterday’s show.

“That’s the way I end the show now. You know, for a while I was just saying, ‘Be kind to one another.’ But I think it’s important also to always remember there’s nothing worse than a fat cokehead,” joked DeGeneres, explaining that she was simply repeating a phrase used by guest Mike Tyson.

Another asks for DeGeneres’ favorite YouTube video at the moment, and she responds by playing a clip of a heavy metal fan who bangs her head so hard she collapses in front of a stage.

DeGeneres notes how the band plays on, seemingly oblivious to the woman who just fell on her face in front of them. “I like that [the singer] just does a kick in the middle of it. Doesn’t matter. He’s used to that,” she said.

Ellen Answers Fan Tweets in ‘Twits & Ask’

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