Natalie Portman dropped by ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’ and talked about cravings she’s developed for certain kinds of food. Meanwhile, Ellen DeGeneres employed several superstitious ways to predict the sex of her child.

“I’m embarrassed at what a cliche I am,” said Portman, admitting that she craves pickles and ketchup. So, DeGeneres surprises her with a dozen gigantic dill pickles in a bowl, a mound of french fries and ketchup.

“How am I supposed to focus now?” asked Portman, eying the tray of food.

“If that’s not enough, we have more,” said DeGeneres.

Then, DeGeneres attempts to guess the sex of Portman’s baby by studying her hands and feet, and by holding a charm over her belly and noting the way it swings. In each case, DeGeneres’ unscientific method indicates a girl.


Ellen Helps Satisfy Natalie Portman’s Pregnancy Cravings

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