The feud between Kathy Griffin and Sarah Palin continued on ‘The Rachael Ray Show’ as Griffin invites Palin to her Broadway show, ‘Kathy Griffin Wants a Tony.’

“I love that family,” Griffin said of the Palins. “Any comedian is so very grateful. They give us so much material. They’re like the political Lohans.”

Clearly, Griffin relishes her ongoing wars of words with Palin. “She wanted to throw down with me, which I don’t think is in her best interest. But I do enjoy it,” she laughed.

“There’s an open invite to Sarah Palin to any of my shows at any time,” continued Griffin, noting that most of her targets don’t have the “cojones” to confront her in a public setting.

(Source: and Food Network)

Kathy Griffin: The Palins Are the ‘Political Lohans’

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