Jay Leno has finally commented on Conan O’Brien’s move to TBS.

“I knew he’d land on his feet,” the host of ‘The Tonight Show,’ told Access Hollywood.

“It’ll be fun. Everybody will compete,” he added, since Conan and Jon Stewart air at 11 and he and David Letterman go on at 11:35.

“I think he’ll be great. He’s a very funny guy,” Jay said of his former NBC colleague.

But the comedian minced words a bit when asked what he thought about Conan moving from network to cable television. “I didn’t know what to think. I mean, well, FOX is network but they have cable too, so, you know, it’s all sort of the same now. Everybody sort of reaches the same thing, but I think it’s exciting. I think he’ll do well.”

Leno and O’Brien were caught in the middle of a late-night war. NBC’s failed experiment that brought Jay to primetime and put Conan on ‘The Tonight Show’ ultimately lead to O’Brien leaving the peacock network when they gave Leno his old job back.

(Source: PopEater.com)

Jay Leno: Conan O’Brien Will Be “Great” on TBS

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