Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are putting their radio show on a brief hiatus as the show is retooled and expanded to three hours.

The hosts of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” are partnering with radio giant Citadel Media for a reworked “The Joe Scarborough Show.”

“We look forward to Joe and Mika developing this new program, which we are confident will have a significant impact on Talk radio,” Citadel Broadcasting chairman Farid Suleman said in an announcement.

“Mika and I are extremely grateful for the opportunity given to us by Farid and all our friends at Citadel,” Scarborough added. “We’re especially pleased that Farid shares our vision of where talk radio is going in the future and will be working with us to expand ‘The Joe Scarborough Show’ into a three-hour program. We look forward to the debut of the new show and know our listeners will appreciate the focus and direction we’ll be taking.”

“The Joe Scarborough Show” follows a similar format to “Morning Joe,” and the announcement says that the new radio show “will be designed to bring similar lively discussion to the table while exploring additional opportunities and increased time for guests and audience interaction alike.”


Joe & Mika Going On Radio Hiatus To Revamp, Expand Show

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