On “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday, host Jimmy Kimmel paid tribute to our Speaker of the House, the most powerful Republican in the country, Congressman John Boehner (R-OH). Recently, at a reception honoring Italian artist Constantino Brumidi, Boehner welled up with tears, as he frequently does.

Kimmel pointed out that, in case you haven’t noticed, John Boehner cries a lot. Like, a whole lot. He cries giving speeches, he cries at his own election night vote-watching parties, he cries during puff-piece, soft focus “60 Minutes” interviews.

“This guy, he’s super tan, he cries, he smokes and drinks. He should be Speaker of the ‘Jersey Shore’ House,” Kimmel said, “He’s like a menopausal Oompah-Loompah.”

Given Boehner’s tendency to wax lachrymose at the least provocation, Kimmel introduced a new toy, a crying baby doll named “Boehner Baby.”

“Everything makes him cry!” said the tag line in the commercial, which featured a little girl trying to smother her Boehner Baby doll with a pillow. Who could blame her?

(Source: ABC-TV and RawStory.com)

Jimmy Kimmel Presents Crying John ‘Boehner Baby’ Doll

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