The “Late Show” host appeared to be joking when he (possibly) revealed a major plot point during Anne Hathaway’s appearance on his show Thursday night, but he may have actually dropped a huge spoiler.

Letterman was talking with Hathaway about how people don’t necessarily need to have seen the previous Batman movies to enjoy The Dark Knight Rises.

Then he nonchalantly said, “And at the end, Batman is dead.”

After a pause, Hathaway scolded the host with a “Dave!”

They both began laughing, at which point Letterman told the audience, “No, he’s not dead… He ain’t dead, just relax, will you?”

Hathaway remarked, “You know [speculation about the ending] is a whole thing… I just want you to know the wrath you have invited onto yourself.”

The actress looked into the camera and addressed director Christopher Nolan, swearing she “had no part in it” and apologizing.

Given that this is expected to be Nolan’s final Batman movie and the secrecy around the production, many fans believe that Batman could meet his demise in The Dark Knight Rises, and that Letterman may have just confirmed their suspicions.

Of course, he’s also a comedian who may have just been goofing around.

Audiences will find out when The Dark Knight Rises opens next week.

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Letterman Gives Away the Ending for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

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