If you read the news a couple of days ago, you may have tuned into the ‘Late Show’ to see Lindsay Lohan read the Top 10 last night. But her absence left David Letterman with some explaining to do. According to him, he got a phone call from a guy who said Lohan loved his joke about her during his Grammys Top 10 and wanted to be on the show. But apparently, it wasn’t anyone who actually had any say in what she did or didn’t do.

“It turns out we were duped,” Letterman said. “And I have no one to blame but myself, and boy is my face red.” He’s talking about the fact that he immediately put together a press release announcing her appearance. Letterman apologized to his audience about the fiasco, and even to Lohan and her family.

(Source: CBS-TV and TVSquad.com)

Letterman Apologizes for Lindsay Lohan Top 10 Mixup

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