On ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show,’ a married coupled named Travis and Marissa, who suffered the devastating loss of a child and are currently deep in debt, get a live-changing surprise courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres.

The couple lost a baby girl six days after being born, but quickly got pregnant again. Marissa labored for an astounding nine weeks before giving birth to twins. Her lengthy hospital stay and the resulting cost of medical bills then forced the family to move in with a relative.

“Our medical bills were over a million dollars and counting,” said Marissa. “We have great insurance … [but] we still owe over 10 grand.”

So, DeGeneres presents the couple with a check for $15,000, enough money, she says, for them to “get back on their feet” and get an apartment of their own. DeGeneres also promises to find work for Marissa, who was laid off two years ago, and, she presents the couple with a box containing an additional $10,000 in cash.

Ellen Gives Struggling Couple a Life-Changing Surprise

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